KANE HODDER Talks New Film, Favorite Kill + Freddy VS Jason Snub With Prometheus!

AuthorSeptember 12, 2020

Also, What The Hell Was in That Sleeping Bag?
Hey there, fellow horror geeks and monsterphiles! Prometheus right here, and I’ve a particular deal with for my horror heads on the market! Kane Hodder has a brand new movie out, “The Good Things Devils Do!” It’s out now on VOD and DVD, and likewise stars Bill Oberst Jr and Linnea Quigley! Check out the poster and trailer beneath…


I not too long ago had the chance to speak with Kane in regards to the movie, his favourite on-camera kill, and a bunch of different cool Jason associated stuff! Including what the hell was in that sleeping bag in Friday the 13th half 7! You can take a look at our dialog beneath!
JS: Hi Kane, it is a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks for the cellphone name!
KH: Yeah, no drawback. 
JS: So, you might have a brand new movie out with my pal Bill Oberst Jr and Linnea Quigley! The Good Things Devils Do!
KH: Yeah, from what I’ve seen, I’m fairly pleased with it. It’s at all times enjoyable working with Bill, and Linnea anyway. We’ve performed initiatives collectively, and plenty of conventions, in fact. 
JS: It’s obtainable now On Demand and on DVD. What are you able to inform us, with out spoiling an excessive amount of, Kane?
KH: (Laughing) I do know… it’s a stretch for individuals to suppose that I play a nasty man on this.
JS: That’s loopy… 
KH: I do know. (Laughing) What a loopy factor to listen to. But I play… a extremely fucking horrible, unhealthy man. Really evil. What I really like about it’s the director, Jess (Norvisgaard ), gave me a scene the place I’ve two individuals captive and I’m speaking to them, and it’s an over three-minute scene the place I’m the one one speaking and the digicam by no means cuts, one take. 
Man, an actor goals of that as a result of it actually provides you an opportunity to take a position your self within the dialogue. There’s no chopping, there’s no flipping round to the opposite aspect or something. It’s a three-minute scene, and I’m extraordinarily pleased with it. 
JS: That’s superior! 
KH: You’ll know when that scene is coming as a result of they go into the basement, and it begins with me pissing within the nook. 
JS: Okay… 
KH: That’s how the scene is coming. When you see me come out from pissing.
JS: So, when Kane’s pissing within the nook, shits about to get actual… Got ya. 
KH: Pretty a lot.
KH+JS: (Laughing)
JS: It has fairly the solid. How did you become involved?
KH: Jess (Norvisgaard ) approached me via my supervisor, and he had an attention-grabbing story. That’s at all times the largest factor. Because, , we get requested to do loads of films. If one thing catches our curiosity, in any manner, it makes it more likely to have an interest within the function. Like the storyline or the character, if you are able to do one thing that’s a bit totally different, that’ll pique our curiosity extra. When I say “our,” I’m referring to actors generally. 
Especially these of us which might be identified in horror. We’ve seen lots of scripts and for those who may give me an angle to one thing that’s totally different, that’s the important thing to getting somebody like me . I favored the story and the character. 
JS: Okay, superior. You talked about Jess Norvisgaard, who wrote and directed. What was it like working collectively?
KH: Great. He might not have a ton of expertise, however that doesn’t essentially matter if somebody is aware of their material. I’m at all times a fan of a director that directs his or her personal written materials. No one is aware of the fabric higher than the person who wrote it, so if that individual can also be directing the movie, I’ve confidence in it earlier than even assembly them. 
So, as soon as we received collectively and talked in regards to the character and stuff, I noticed how passionate he was in regards to the movie and I used to be like, these are the kind of individuals I prefer to work with. I’ve been doing this a very long time, and after I can get excited a few venture – it simply makes it a lot enjoyable to do it. 
JS: Yeah, if it’s one thing you’re into, you’re going to place a lot extra into it. It’s extra private.  
KH: Oh, for positive. Then add the truth that you might have a few associates within the film, it simply makes it much more enjoyable. You know, you don’t must be on a big-budget film to take pleasure in your self and to do high quality work. Because as a stunt individual I’ve been on big motion pictures, and typically that’s enjoyable yeah, positive. Because you’re working with actors that you simply take pleasure in or doing a struggle scene with somebody who’s work you really liked. 
It could be simply as rewarding to play an attention-grabbing character in a smaller movie as a result of except you’re Tom Hanks or one thing, and may dictate the way you’re character goes to be performed, it’s a bit simpler whenever you come right into a smaller price range movie to try to have a bit enter. 
JS: Makes sense. So, Kane, for those who may describe the film utilizing just one phrase, what wouldn’t it be?
KH: Hmmm… Interesting. Nobody gave me a tip on that.
JS: (Laughing)
KH: One phrase? Two phrases, probably?
JS: Okay, I’ll provide you with two. 
KH+JS: (laughing)
KH: Given the price range and the whole lot – what I might say – and I don’t imply this condescendingly both, but it surely’s arduous to do movie when your price range limits so many sides. So, I might say, surprisingly good. 
Again, I don’t imply that condescendingly, or like I do know the whole lot that’s good. I believe for those who give it an opportunity, you’ll take pleasure in it. 
JS: Hollywood stuntman to undisputed horror heavyweight. How did that occur?
KH: (Laughing) That I may give in two phrases… John Buechler. He was an excellent horror director and make-up results individual and I grew to become associates with him and did a number of movies with him as a stunt coordinator. It was his concept that I turn into Jason as a result of the primary six motion pictures had been a unique individual taking part in the character every time. So, it wasn’t uncommon for him to say “hey, I have a guy that can play the character.” I believe CJ (Graham) did job, and really effectively may have repeated as Jason – fortuitously for me, Buechler wasn’t having any of that and stated: “nope, it’s got to be Hodder.” 
What labored in my favor was Part 7, the primary one I did, had so many stunts that Jason needed to do. Usually, Jason was the one inflicting all of the harm on different individuals, so all the opposite characters wanted to have stunt individuals doubling them. This one, as a result of Tina had the telekinetic powers, so many issues occur to Jason. So, when Buechler stated “look this guy should play Jason, and he’s a stuntman,” that helped my trigger. 
We each know whenever you see an actor doing one thing, and you then see a stunt double doing one thing, you’ll be able to inform the distinction. As arduous because the stunt individual tries to imitate the actor’s actions, it’s simply not the identical. So, when you’ll be able to have one individual do each shot all through the movie, which is what I did partially 7, it’s extra constant. It doesn’t take you out of the efficiency like “wait a minute, he just moved differently.” 
JS: Awe, that wasn’t him!
KH: Right!  So, the very fact it was all me each single shot within the film made the efficiency constant and I did lots of actually cool stunts. Considering I virtually died in a fireplace stunt a very long time in the past, that was my favourite hearth stunt on half 7
JS: On Friday the 13th Part 7, yeah?
KH: Yeah. That was one of the best hearth stunt I’ve ever performed, I believe. 
JS: Part 7 might be my favourite. 6 and seven. It could be as a result of I had the VHS after I was a child and I watched it – on a regular basis. 
KH: It might be the timing, however I believe it’s one of many higher ones. It’s one of the best look of Jason. Also 6, I agree. I did 4 in a row although, and seven continues to be my favourite. 
JS: I used to be going to ask which one is your favourite. 
KH: I imply, I really like taking part in the character each time. Every time they stated I used to be going to do one other one, I used to be overjoyed. I really like taking part in the character.
JS: We all know you’re one of the best Jason so…
KH: Well, I don’t learn about that… however I really like to listen to it!
JS: What’s it prefer to play, arguably, probably the most iconic and beloved monster in horror?
KH: It is past description, the way it felt. I had been a Jason fan via all six motion pictures. Just watching the movies. Even although I used to be in stunts, I by no means, I imply by no means entertained the notion I would play Jason sooner or later. It’s was such a far-fetched thought. When I used to be given that chance I stated “I have to do everything I possibly can to do that character justice. Because that character is cool as hell.” 
I picked up the place C.J. (Graham) left him, and simply tried to make it look terrifying, but in addition pure. That was the largest factor after I watched among the different motion pictures. Jason regarded like he was appearing to me, typically. I’m not attempting to speak shit about different individuals’s performances, however that was my greatest objective. Make it appear to be it wasn’t appearing, make it look pure. Even in different motion pictures. If it appears to be like just like the individual is attempting to be scary… meh. It doesn’t curiosity me. You’re attempting too arduous. 
JS: You’ve been in so many issues. Aside from Jason, what was your favourite function?
KH: There have been so many enjoyable roles, however I must say Victor Crowley within the “Hatchet” motion pictures as a result of that was an opportunity for me to originate the character. Not simply choosing up from another person’s efficiency of the character, I used to be originating it from the bottom up along with Adam Green’s imaginative and prescient. It was simply me, from the start, and I beloved that character as effectively. I did 4 Jason motion pictures, and 4 Hatchet motion pictures, so I attempted to make the character simply as scary, however totally different. It was a unique kind of efficiency than I did for Jason. 
JS: That’s humorous. I used to be going to say my favourite function from you, other than Jason, might be Victor Crowley. 
KH: Yeah, that was a enjoyable character, boy. Again, not speaking, however at the very least having some facial expressions. 
JS: Now for the all-important query, Kane. Who wins? Jason Voorhees or Victor Crowley?
KH: Hmmm, attention-grabbing… A really, very, slight edge to Victor. Because when watching each characters on movie, Victor seems to me, and that is how I attempted to method it, to be rather less predictable. They’re each not possible to defeat when combating, however probably, you may have a greater probability of unusual Jason with one thing as a result of just about what he’s going to do. Victor is rather less predictable, and that’s why I loved that character. 
I might do stuff on the set as Victor that Adam (Green), the director, didn’t even know I used to be going to do. So, if the director is stunned, then I do know I’m attaining my objective. 
JS: Okay, superior! I disagree… however superior! Let’s make it extra attention-grabbing… Jason VS Michael Myers?
KH: Ha! Oh, I’ve at all times beloved the Michael character, too. 
JS: Two of my favorites! I’ve to be sincere, Jason is my favourite, however I’m a giant Michael fan as effectively. 
KH: Once I performed Jason, which was a objective I by no means thought I’d accomplish, then I began pondering, God I might like to play Michael. I’ve at all times beloved the “Halloween” motion pictures. The incontrovertible fact that I did Texas Chainsaw Massacre three with R.A (Mihailoff) as Leatherface, I stunt doubled him, so I did fairly various scenes as Leatherface. Quite a number of instances you see me as Leatherface. I additionally did one shot as Freddy in Jason goes to Hell. I used to be the one carrying the Freddy glove, reaching up out of the bottom to seize the hockey masks. That was my hand. So, technically, I did a shot as Freddy, did various pictures as Leatherface, performed Jason, the one factor I by no means did was Michael. 
I assumed among the performances from totally different individuals had been actually scary, and who is aware of, perhaps earlier than I’m performed with this profession sooner or later, I’ll play Michael. I did a comedy piece as Michael Myers with Adam Green, referred to as “Driving Lessons,” but it surely doesn’t rely. It wasn’t actually a “Halloween” film. 
JS: But, technically, you’ve been virtually each considered one of them, minus Chucky. 
KH: (Laughing) Chucky, that little bastard. I’d prefer to beat his ass… 
JS: (Laughing) Now, what was your favourite Jason kill, that you simply received to do?
KH: Yeah, that’s attention-grabbing as a result of individuals do ask what’s my favourite kill, and up till the primary “Hatchet” film, my favourite kill that I ever carried out was the sleeping bag in (Friday the 13th) half 7.
JS: Yes! 
KH:  It’s simple to kill an individual with a weapon, however whenever you kill somebody with one thing that’s not a weapon, I believe that’s much more inventive. A sleeping bag isn’t a weapon. It was such a strong scene, after we noticed the film within the theatres, it was unbelievable. 
It was on the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, within the massive theatre on the evening it opened, which was my spouse’s birthday. We went and sat with the viewers and when that sleeping bag kill got here up on the display that all the theatre was standing up and cheering as a result of it was such a stunning kill. That was at all times my favourite, till…
The first “Hatchet” film. The killing of a personality named Mrs. Permatteo is barely above the sleeping bag scene now. It’s the one the place the girl is attempting to run away and I put my fingers in her mouth and rip her head aside by the jaw. Brutal. 
JS: Yeah, that one’s fairly superior, too. 
KH: It was a one-take deal as a result of it was such an concerned make-up results rig that we had one probability to movie it. If you ever watch it once more, the digicam does a 360 transfer round me grabbing the actress, midway via, we changed the actress with the prosthetic head, the digicam continues and I needed to wait till the digicam received to a really particular spot or else it wouldn’t {photograph}, and it simply labored out completely. So, that’s my all-time favourite kill and sleeping bag is an in depth second. The frozen head in Jason X deserves an honorable point out. 
JS: Fair sufficient. So, I’ve been dying to ask… What was within the sleeping bag?
KH: A ninety-pound dummy. 
JS: Really?
KH: Yeah, so I assumed, “man, you’re really making this difficult for me.” Because I’ve received prosthetic hands-on, so I can’t grip something rather well, the nylon sleeping bag was arduous sufficient to seize anyway, after which it was a ninety-pound dummy! I assumed “geez, isn’t thirty pounds enough to sell it?” But they wished to make it appear to be an actual individual so… 
In the ultimate edit of the film, you solely see me slam it as soon as. But I really continued to slam it in opposition to the tree, like 5 instances.
JS: Really?
KH: Yeah, however after they examined the scene with audiences, it examined higher when Jason slammed it as soon as and dropped it. So, that’s what it ended up being. 
JS: Such an iconic scene. So, what’s subsequent for you, Kane?
KH: You know, it’s arduous to inform with the COVID state of affairs. I do know there’s lots of initiatives ready to start out which have proven curiosity in me being concerned and I’m comfortable to take action. There’s a pair that will be simply superb to do. I’ll at all times love taking part in the unhealthy man, however any actor likes doing one thing totally different. Challenging themselves, if nothing else, to do comedy, or an emotional function. I did one other film proper earlier than “The Good Things Devil’s Do,” with Deborah Voorhees, an attention-grabbing final identify, a few man that’s obsessive about the Jason character and tries to kill me. I play myself. 
JS: Wait, what? That sounds attention-grabbing!
KH: Yeah. I’ve a demise scene within the arms of an actress named Jennifer Banko, and for those who do not forget that identify, she was “Young Tina” in (Friday the 13th) half 7. 
JS: Oh, no shit…
KH: She was like ten, or one thing on the time and now we did a scene collectively the place I’m dying and I’m actually emotional and it was such a pleasure to do. It’s referred to as “13 Fanboy.” 
JS: I’m going to must verify that out, for positive! 
KH: I’m trying ahead to what’s arising subsequent. I’d like to do extra various things, and nonetheless proceed to kill motherfuckers. 
JS: I imply, whenever you do one thing effectively… 
KH+JS: (Laughing)
KH: Well? I nonetheless keep, and I don’t suppose anyone can dispute this, that I’ve murdered extra individuals on movie than another actor in historical past. 
JS: Yeah, I believe you’ve received that. 
KH: I say murdered as a result of gunning down fifty individuals with an automated weapon, is just not the identical as one-at-a-time murders. So, I don’t suppose there may be anybody that has murdered extra individuals one after the other on movie, than me. I’ve performed a number of characters with a number of murders, and if somebody does attempt to dispute it, effectively… I’ll simply kill them. 
JS: (Laughing) I don’t need to take up your complete evening Kane, however I do have one last query for you, and this one is for me. 
KH: Alright.
JS: I do know the rights are nonetheless being labored out in court docket and the whole lot, however any plans to place the hockey masks again on down the road?
KH: I’ve made it clear that I might love to do yet another movie. You know, I used to be unceremoniously changed in “Freddy VS Jason.”
JS: Yeah, I wasn’t comfortable about that. 
KH: After being advised I used to be doing it… So, it’s not identical to a bitter grapes factor the place it’s like “that’s my character, why am I not doing it?” I used to be advised I used to be doing it, and I used to be given the script. 
JS: I didn’t know that.
KH: Yeah, in order that’s far worse. So, I might like to play the character as soon as extra. I’m nonetheless in fine condition and I can nonetheless do some violent issues to individuals. I might like to put that hockey masks on, yet another time. 
JS: Well, I completely suppose it is best to. I don’t suppose it’s debatable. You’re probably the most intimidating Jason. 
KH: Thanks, I admire that. 
JS: It’s been a pleasure to speak to you, Kane. I’ve been a fan since I used to be a child. 
KH: Thank you very a lot, and I’ve received to inform ya’, it was a really well-done interview, so thanks. 
JS: That means loads. Thanks!
KH: Thanks, man!
As you’ll be able to see, Kane was a pleasure to talk with! Also, I can lastly cross asking Jason what was in that sleeping bag off my bucket checklist! Be positive to verify Kane Hodder out in “The Good Things Devils Do!” He is freaking terrifying in it, not like that ought to come as a shock to anybody! As at all times, remark beneath!

Until subsequent time, carry on geekin’ on, my associates!
Joshua “Prometheus” Scafidi

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KANE HODDER Talks New Film, Favorite Kill + Freddy VS Jason Snub With Prometheus!

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